Wanting to do some research I unearthed ‘The Book of Skin’ [Connor, Steven; 2004; Reaktion Books Ltd; pub. Great Britain]. I’d started reading this about five years ago, but didn’t have enough reasons for carrying on and ended up putting it aside. The book suddenly makes sense now and so I’ve nearly finished it. The book is largely about the living skin. It touches on so many of the ideas that each of us is dealing with in the Tannery: Ideas of wrapping and enfolding, of psychosis and personal boundaries; of how internal processes become imprinted at the periphery, how they surface in the skin. The author, Steven Connor, says in describing the changes in our historic picturing of the skin that it was ‘First a screen, then a membrane and finally, this book will assume, what Michel Serres calls a milieu: the skin becomes a place of mingling, a mingling of places.’ [p. 26]

I want to suggest that the rooms we are working in at the Tannery are an in-folding of the skin; perhaps a mouth that can speak, perhaps a place associated with labour and toil like a sweaty armpit or possibly we are inviting you into an even more intimate space. We are clothing ourselves in the Tannery and the ghosts of the beasts that have been skinned to make shoes and clothes and books etc. and so far rather than decorating this particular skin we are ghost writing onto the shared skin of the internet.

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