Is zed dead?

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator

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I’m currently a 0.6 Fine Art Lecture at Gower College Swansea (formerly known as Swansea College). In the rest of my working week I facilitate workshops, practice as a mixed media artist and participate in a number of artist led groups, mainly Rhod in which I co-founded with artist Roger Lougher. As an artist I have exhibited nationally and internationally. I have had my work shown in galleries in New York and France, as well as the National Eisteddfod of Wales. To date I have had two solo shows, one in G39 Cardiff and the other in the Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Last June I exhibited in Rhiodio Pavilion SA44 5BX Padiglione, Venice. Organised by the Rhod artist group, the show was open during the early weeks of the Venice Biennale.

6 thoughts on “Is zed dead?

  1. I know! it is such an amazingly in impassioned speech, its almost as if all his silent films where building to this moment.

  2. Na, just adding to the drama of the end of the film. Sometimes massage music is needed especially in today’s context of the generation at the end of the alphabet. What comes after Z?

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