Rhôd 2012

Rhôd’s fourth annual exhibition took place on the 3rd – 9th June 2012 and was curated by Kathryn Campbell Dodd:

“Over the previous 3 years Rhôd has hosted over 40 artists at Melin Glonc, the underlying theme of the event has been to open a dialogue between artists who work in urban and rural environments.

For 2012 I have invited 10 artists to exhibit at the event, Jonathan Anderson (Swansea), Phil Babot (Cardiff), Antonia Dewhurst (Conwy), Eddy Dreadnought (Sheffield), Maura Hazelden (Ceredigion), Anne-Mie Melis (Cardiff), Seren Stacey (Carmarthenshire), Clare Thornton (Bristol), Jobina Tinnemans (Pembrokeshire), Elizabeth Tomos (Carmarthenshire).

The artists work in various disciplines and are at different stages of their careers, they are based in a variety of locations in Wales and UK. All will respond site-specifically to the location of the mill, developing their responses and activities from their relationship to Melin Glonc and the Rhôd project.”

Rhôd arddangosfa pedwaredd a gynhaliwyd ar y 3-9 Mehefin 2012 a Curadwyd gan Kathryn Campbell Dodd:

“Dros y tair blynedd ddiwethaf mae Rhôd wedi croesawu gwaith gan dros 40 o artistiaid gyda’r bwriad o ymchwilio’r berthynas rhwng artistiaid sy’n gweithio mewn amgylchedd dinesig a gwledig.

Ar gyfer 2012,‘rwyf wedi gwahodd 10 artist: Jonathan Anderson [Abertawe], Phil Babot

[Caerdydd], Antonia Dewhurst [ Conwy], Eddy Dreadnought [ Sheffield], Maura Hazelden [Ceredigion], Anne-Mie Melins [ Caerdydd], Seren Stacey [ Sîr Gâr], Clare Thornton [Bryste], Jobina Tinnemans [ Sîr Benfro], Elizabeth Tomos [ Sîr Gâr].

Maent i gyd yn gweithio mewn gwahanol ddisgyblaethau ar draws Cymru a’r DU, ac yn amrywio o ran profiad. Byddant i gyd yn creu gwaith allan o’u hymateb i’r lleoliad ym Melin Glonc ac i brosiect Rhôd yn gyffredinol.”

Online catalogue HERE

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