Rhôd in Roath / Rhôd yn y Rhath 2015


CURATOR : Beth Pritchard


Rhôd in Roath/ Rhôd yn y Rhath is an exhibition which takes place, annually, in ten residential gardens in Ninian Road, Cardiff.

This event is an opportunity for artists to exhibit and the public to experience contemporary art outside of the gallery environment.

I am delighted to be involved in the eighth year of made in roath’s highly regarded festival.

The five artists are all based in west Wales. In this alignment, artists have produced works in response to themes of Hiraeth, the Welsh language, belonging, refuge and identity.

In these site specific works, the concepts are presented through a variety of mediums.

Hywel Edwards’ (18) installation presents eight lines taken from lyrics by Ryan Davies and covered by north Wales band ‘Plant Duw’.

Rowan O’Neill (39) uses 12th century Welsh language and ideas in a contemporary setting.

Vivien McCarthy and Lucy Donn’s (20) collaboration of photography and Arte Povera (the use of domestic materials) explores the current refugee crisis.

Daniel Trivedy (19) also explores the refugee crisis through his installation of bird houses. Trivedy, McCarthy and Donn have visited the refugee camps at Calais, their work is a reflection of their experiences and the people they have encountered living at the camps.

Naomi Heath (61) has explored identity through poetry and by documenting her collaboration with nature.

made in roath offers the Rhôd Artists Group a wonderful opportunity to celebrate contemporary artists and work produced in west Wales in the Welsh capital.

Beth Pritchard October, 2015


Lucy Donn and Vivien McCarthy

20 Ninian Road



Exodus to Eden

This collaborative Artwork by Photographer Lucy Donn & mixed media Sculptress Vivien McCarthy is the direct result of their first hand experience of the migrant camp at Calais in France.

This transient work camps itself in another’s garden. A copper pipe structure with a teabag sheet overlay forms the shelter, whilst a barbed wire clothesline hangs out the lifestyle.

The work is both a visual documentation & a symbolic representation of the ongoing & age old disgrace of mass displacement & consequent exodus due to violent upheaval.

Ultimately, these Artists seek a long term conscientious response to a conscientious narrative.

Hywel Edwards

18 Ninian Road


Yn y Bore

A textual interruption, the 8 lines of verse are oddly not combative but very mindful, taking inspiration from the natural world. The lyrics have been covered by Ryan Davies and North Wales band ‘Plant Duw’.
The translation is; ‘Rise and smile when you see the sun in the morning, and listen you can hear the birds above, smile when you see and hear the world at it’s best, and give thanks for hearing and seeing the marvels of the world and heavens’.

Motivated to see more of the Welsh language in the landscape and inspired by the writing of Robert MacFarlane, the installation has been greatly enabled by a revival in Calligraphy markers.

Naomi Heath

61 Ninian Road


Dau Gae – Two Fields

“The words of anyone you ever loved evaporated into sky grasped by sunlight. Rained down, carving this landscape”

Naomi Heath is a listening artist, currently based in West Wales.
For this work she found herself sitting in a field, reciting field names from tithe maps of Roath. There she remained for many hours, “paned” in hand, pondering the movements of people from West Wales and the migratory nature of the clouds.

Dau Gae (Two fields) is a collection of artefacts from unseen performances and collaborations with nature.

Rowan O’Neill

39 Heol Ninian

ad candidam casam – y tŷ gwyn

Rowan O’Neill uses a modified national hive to remember the old north.

“Therefore with the greatest of eagerness, with enlarged mouth, receiving the word of God, like a bee he formed for himself the honeycomb of wisdom by arguments from the different opinions of doctors, as of various kinds of flowers.”

O fywyd Sant Ninian – Sant sy’n cael ei gofnodi gan Bede er nad oes cofnod hanesyddol i gadarnhau ei fodolaeth.  Ysgrifennwyd bywgraffiad Ninian gan Ailred yn y 12fed ganrif.  Mae Ninian yn cael ei gofio fel, ‘apostol i’r Pictiaid deheuol’.

Gyda diolch i Mêl Bae Ceredigion, Gwenynfa Cefn y Weilgi, Felinwynt, Aberteifi.

Daniel Trivedy

19 Ninian Road

The Freedom to Fly but Nowhere to Land


This tongue and cheek intervention by artist Daniel Trivedy is designed to ridicule the government’s response to the thousands of migrants in transit across Europe looking for a safe haven.

Meet outside No.18 Ninian Road at 2pm on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October to join a guided tour of the artworks with curator, Beth Pritchard.

Thank you to the residents of 18,19, 20, 39 and 61 Ninian Road for their generosity in offering the use of their gardens to the project.