The Artists

Jonathan Anderson

Swansea based Jonathan Anderson, has been using the house shape in his work since 2002. Graduating from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2007, he has shown in exhibitions across the UK including Terra at the Jerwood Space in London and Grizedale Sculpture Park in 2011/12.

I see the house shape as a loaded, archetypal form that provides an ideal vehicle for the exploration of poetic metaphor and transformation.  The house shape can symbolise the home, the individual, the family, society, and even the cosmos.  The house shape offers psychological sanctuary, somewhere to house my concerns and acts as a base from which to explore ideas of place and transformation.”

Phil Babot

Based in Cardiff, Philip Babot has worked throughout the UK, Europe, the Americas and the Far East, both as a solo artist, in collaboration with other artists and with influential performance companies such as Brith Gof. Philip is currently researching his PhD Elements of Shamanism Within Performance Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design, UWIC.

The heavenly wheel

Heavenly Wheel Topology for ACT3 imaginary hyper space craft

Shamans believe that they are able to travel between the everyday world we inhabit, and enter into another supernatural world in order to gain beneficial knowledge.

The theoretical physicist David Bohm suggested that the ‘explicate order’ that we perceive and which the laws of physics describe, is contrasted by the ‘implicate order’ which is an underlying, hidden layer of relationships.

In the geometric sense hyperspace is the manifold of ordinary three-dimensional space curved in four or more higher spacialdimensions. This curvature causes certain widely separated points in three-dimensional space to nonetheless be ‘adjacent’ to each other four-dimensionally. Creating an aperture in 4D space (awormhole) between these locations can allow instantaneous transit between the two locations; a common comparison is that of a folded piece of paper, where a hole punched through two folded sections is more direct than a line drawn between them on the sheet.

Round like a circle in a spiral

Like a wheel within a wheel

Never ending or beginning

On an ever-spinning reel

Antonia Dewhurst

Antonia Dewhurst lives and works in North Wales. She recently graduated in Fine Art from Coleg Menai in Bangor. She is a member of casc (contemporary art studios cymru) based in Llandudno.

I am interested in the region where documentary and record overlap with imagination and memory and in our complex relationship with what we call home.

Un-titled explores ideas around ownership and our universal need for refuge and shelter.”

Eddy Dreadnought

Eddy Dreadnought is a contemporary artist working out of Sheffield. In general his artwork aims to raise questions about the world around us, but open questions posed in a sensory, poetic way. He is particularly interested in horizontal, as opposed to hierarchical, structure.

Eddy Dreadnought’s work for Rhod 2012 is a new performance, a consciousness-raising session for a grove of trees in the grounds entitled Moving Away from Arborescence- Towards a Rhizomatic future. This will be recorded, and screened on the first floor of the mill, but there will also be a follow-up session performed live with the trees at the Opening.

Maura Hazelden

Maura Hazelden lives and works in Pembrokeshire, west Wales. She gained her MA in Performance Writing in 2011 from University College, Falmouth.

bydd dŵr, bydd blawd | there will be water, there will be flour

Awareness of space, things that fit, that function: structure. What is it that makes me want to make words like the chutes? That makes a need to draw them? Will the line of drawing blend to the line of writing? Will drawing order the shapes, the mechanisms, in my head?

open hinge textile tack close slit hole wood dry woven gap
dry wet flower blossom flour water sych
two runs of water under a double arch : confluence
wet dry confluence rope cogs chutes water flour sych gwlyb dwr cydlifiad blawd cymer

Anne-Mie Melis

Anne-Mie Melis was born in Belgium and completed an MFA at the Royal College of Arts in Antwerp. She lives and works in Cardiff since 2010.

Anne-Mie Melis’ work explores the visual nature of plants and their role in an increasingly technological world. She combines sculpture, photography, animation and drawing in conceptual installations to ignite our senses and expose her questioning of the environment, the engineering of nature and our changing climate.

For Rhod 2012 Melis I will be installing a symbiotic sculptural work “Sentinel (Flash Photography Is Encouraged)”, which will be installed on the banks of the river Bargod that cuts through the site. This new work hints to our concerns for the environment and how we relate to nature. It reflects on our increasingly collective desire for insurance against genuine and manipulated threats. Secondly, on the ground floor of the mill I will be using discarded wood and tree trunks found on the grounds of Melin Glonc to create the installation “Are Your Petunias Actually Transgenic? ([Symbol]3). This installation has originated from collaborating with plant scientists at Cardiff School of Biosciences. The projections relate to plant breeding, either traditionally or with molecular technology and exemplify human directed evolution.”

Seren Stacey

Seren Stacey currently lives and works in west Wales, she graduated in 2010 with a 1st class BA(hons) in Textile,Fashion and Fibre- Textile Art, from Winchester School of Art.

The floors of the three storey mill are littered with holes – positioned to allow chains to run through the building as labour-saving leverage for sacks of grain. In this way the space is pierced and stitched together by chains, loops and holes.

Visiting in winter and early spring, reflection and symmetry captured my imagination. I saw the sky and trees mirrored in the waterlogged earth. Part of my experience of rural living is that of the outdoors being imprinted on the internal space of my mind. I have always had a zoomed-in way of looking at the world, getting absorbed in detail, and in the repetition of stitching chains, loops and holes, a sort of reverie draws external and internal spaces together.”

Clare Thornton

Born in Birmingham. Clare Thornton currently lives and works in Bristol. She has worked and exhibited nationally and internationally including Norway an USA.

Drawing on performance, fine art and craft methods Clare Thornton produces objects, site responsive installations, printed matter and live events that bring people together for social and critical exchange.

“I am excited by re-working and layering materials and ideas, and exploring this process with others. Each new piece evolves out of conversations and local research – gathering personal accounts and critical responses to particular locations, objects and texts. I then transform this collection of materials to produce sculptural forms, performance/video works and social events as a materialization of this process.”

Jobina Tinnemans

Jobina Tinnemans is a music composer and sound designer/artist, she works in a number of media From the field recordings and wildlife studies of her adopted home in Pembrokeshire to the BLATNOVA indie pop she crafts with obsolete instruments and electronics. Space and place are very important recurring themes throughout Tinnemans’ work and increasingly they form the building blocks of her Music Concrete compositions.

For Rhod 2012 Tinnemans will perform Nature Studies 02, part of an ongoing series of concrete music compositions.

I call these works studies because I want to learn about the Nature of Things. As a composer I find I need to develop a use of timing beyond the mathematical one and things, like the wind, can show me. How the sounds repeat and stretch, how it behaves when processed and how it fits into a composition alongside conventional instruments. Nature Studies 02 will explore these things on the Island in the Pond and will reveal surreal Science Fiction qualities concealed within the sonic universe of that place.”

Elizabeth Tomos

Elizabeth Tomos graduated in Fine Art Sculpture from University Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art in 2009. She has shown her work in London, Italy and Wales and currently works as Critical and Contextual Studies lecturer for the School of Creative Arts, Trinity St David & Coleg Sir Gar, Carmarthen.

Elizabeth Tomos’ practice explores memory in relation to specific places and spaces through a variety of disciplines. For Rhod 2012 she will create two different works.

For Rhod 2012 I have choreographed a dance work in response to the foundations of the new build at Melin Glonc. A dancer will move in relation to the architecture of the space, their movement will reflect both the spatial elements of the new build and reflect the purpose of the old

I have also made an installation work which creates a suggested narrative around a disused bird cage. The work will explore the themes of flight and entrapment with reference to the work of Louise Bourgeois and Tennessee Williams.”

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