Rhôd in Roath / Rhôd yn y Rhath 2018

RiR18_edited-1Melin Glonc 2009/10

Join Rhôd and this year’s Rhôd in Roath artists in front gardens along Cardiff’s Ninian Road this October as part of the madeinroath festival  2018.

Sat 20th Oct – Sun 21st Oct 2018

All day with guided tour each day at 2pm (meet @ no 18).

Front Garden Installations at numbers 18,19, 20, 28, 29, 30, 39, 47, 61, 76, 91, 95, Ninian Road, Cardiff. CF23 5EF.

Artists: Owain Griffiths, gobscure, Lauren Heckler, Sara Rhoslyn Moore, Claire Louise Prosser, Clŵb Celf y Carnifal, RSPB Bioblitz, Jennifer Taylor, Single-handed Photographer, and more ….

Rhôd is an artist-run project based in rural west Wales. The enduring theme of Rhôd’s activity is the artistic dialogue between rural and urban environments and the ways in which artists can help to think about and interpret those differences and similarities.

Rhôd Artists Group undertakes curatorial projects, community led activities and commissions that reflect the interests of the group members.

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Artists // Artistiaid 2018:

Garden no: 18



we make a lot of visualpoems combining words (sometimes written by ourselves / sometimes found) and images. here are two created in cardiff when we performed alongside gwyneth lewis and celf o gwmpas as part of psychologists against austerity fringe, january 2018 c.e. they combine the natural and the urban, visual and textual, politics and poetics. enjoy!  gobscure, autumn 2018 c.e.

our last solo exhibition was is that a bruise or a tattoo? alma zevi gallery, venice, italy, spring 2018 c.e.



Garden no: 19

Sara Rhoslyn Moore


Sara Rhoslyn Moore is a visual artist and writer from Bethesda. She graduated in 2015 from Trinity Saint David, Carmarthen with a M.A. in Fine Art and is winner of the David Tinker Award 2014 from the Contemporary Art Society of Wales and one of three winners of the Ifor Davies Award 2018. Sara’s interests lie in Welsh culture and identity particularly the future of the Welsh Language.

Mae Sara Rhoslyn Moore yn arlynydd ac ysgrifennwr o Bethesda. Graddiodd yn 2015 gyda M.A. mewn Celf Gain o Prifysgol Y Drindod Dewi Sant ac enillodd Gwobr David Tinker gan Cymdeithas Celf Cyfoes Cymru, 2014 ac enillodd Gwobr Ifor Davies (un o dri) yn Eisteddfod 2018. Mae diddordeb Sara yn dywilliant ac hunaniaeth Cymru yn enwedig dyfodol yr iaith Cymrae.


Images: Dim Ond Geiriau (ydi iaith) // (A language is) Only Words, BayArt, Ifor Davies Award, 2018



Garden no 29:

RSPB Big Garden Bioblitz


Join RSPB Cymru for a Big Garden Bioblitz on Ninian Road. Using bug pots, magnifying glasses and spotter sheets we’ll be encouraging children and families to hunt for as much wildlife as possible in and around the gardens of Ninian Road, from bugs to plants and trees. We’ll help children to identify and learn a bit more about what they find then count up all of the species they discovered and add their name and score to our Big Garden Bioblitz Leader Board. The child with the highest score at the end of the event will receive a wildlife prize.

This is a FREE family event, suitable for all ages. Drop in anytime 20 & 21 October between 10 am – 4 pm.


Garden no: 39

The Single Handed Photographer


“Who knows what I’ll be obsessing over by the time October comes round. That’s autism for you. Sometimes I get really into spiders’ hairy legs, or tiny flowers or lingering droplets of water on leaves and spider webs. Recently I’ve mainly been taking pictures of the amazing variety of fungi that have appeared in my garden this year, using an iPhone and a cheap little macro lens. The results are kind of shite and kind of fascinating at the same time. I see things nobody else bothers to look for. I make the invisible visible just by looking for it.

There’s nothing sophisticated or skilful about this, anyone can do it. Just grab your phone, buy a macro lens for it and start seeing the world in a very different way.

Most people say they are doing something ‘single-handed’ when they just mean on their own, I mean it literally. I don’t yet know what I’ll find in the undergrowth of my allocated garden in Roath but I’m excited to find out.”

https://www.instagram.com/bluehook/   #shitty_little_macro_lens