Zed is dead/ Zed wedi marw

I’ve just read this article and it completely dismisses any regard for the self esteem of the unemployed and peoples values.  I really don’t want this artwork to be a political piece, but it amazes me the ruthlessness of the Tory’s.


I’m interested in exploring the yellow sticky thing further and have had lots of idea’s in relation to it and the show.  I started my show and tell in the galley last monday with the yellow sticky thing, a pattern cutting design for a pair of child’s shoe’s out of my old wallet and a video montage consisting of an animation of fast food porn, you tube footage of a tannery and a 3D cone.  I’m very much interested in developing images of consumer items, maybe something a bit more obvious like beef burgers or packaging.

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About mickeyoreilly

I’m currently a 0.6 Fine Art Lecture at Gower College Swansea (formerly known as Swansea College). In the rest of my working week I facilitate workshops, practice as a mixed media artist and participate in a number of artist led groups, mainly Rhod in which I co-founded with artist Roger Lougher. As an artist I have exhibited nationally and internationally. I have had my work shown in galleries in New York and France, as well as the National Eisteddfod of Wales. To date I have had two solo shows, one in G39 Cardiff and the other in the Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Last June I exhibited in Rhiodio Pavilion SA44 5BX Padiglione, Venice. Organised by the Rhod artist group, the show was open during the early weeks of the Venice Biennale.

6 thoughts on “Zed is dead/ Zed wedi marw

  1. Irony I think a key word for it to work! From the Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία eirōneía, meaning dissimulation or feigned ignorance, God I love/hate Wikipedia!

  2. I thought a lot about The Yellow Sticky Thing last night – looked at lots of other yellow things online. It kind of disturbs me – upsets me. I started looking at the way fabric folds, I found a lovely video of someone very correctly folding up a bright yellow mac into a little bag – but the thing in the gallery sticks to itself like recalcitrant sellotape – it makes me feel anxious. It glows in the light like something sunny and cheerful, but it will get crap and dust and stuff all stuck to it. It looks like a ribbon, silkily unfurling, but it’s immediately arrested by itself…

    • I got to admit I find the material a bit disturbing, ‘it is yellow and sticky’. As a sculptor I’ve always been fond of a materials, that are able to by themselves transform and develop over a period of time. Its almost like an ‘over friendly’ material, it would be interesting to wear the jacket and give the ‘the yellow sticky thing a hug’ then go shopping. It is a bit like tesco’s that lovely large organisation that save’s our shopping bills every week, by under cutting every other poor bugger in the world. I hate tesco’s, but I know I shouldn’t they have provided me with so many two for one savings.

      Can you email the video Kathryn?

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