A selection of re-framed images that identify my interest in developing a relationship with the barred window in the main room of the gallery space and my clothes rack with hangers.

Both Jake and Kathryn engaged(collided) with the rack as they progressed to develop their own ideas …………

Jake carrying a portable record player (playing Frank Sinatra’s ‘ I’ve got you under my skin’) brushing close to the hanging clothes and gallery debris whilst filming reflections in the spinning disc ….. at the same time Kath was pinning strips of torn cloth to the inside of her leather coat and was physically embedded in the hanging paraphernalia      ……..

……… meanwhile I was determined to film this claustrophobic event as closely as possible and as a result of this we became bunched up together in this bizarre incident.

I will be revisting this scenario during the duration of the show and hope to extract video footage, still photographs and installations from the documentation for re-presentation.         D Shepherd 19/2/2012

Barred window from car park

Early placement of rack framing window

Jake and Kath fully occupied ........

Mari's original leather bucket bag with fragments of destroyed plastic bucket in front of barred window (with Jason)

Home studio with curious cat!

Archive imagery from a tannery

More images will be posted with this batch as I isolate them ………………………………. David Shepherd 19/2/2012


  1. That barred window has particularly loaded visual messages – confinement, restriction, security, obstruction…I just looked up the word ‘bar’ in the dictionary…it’s one of those words that carries so many different meanings. This one seems very contrary to your process though: “Something that impedes or prevents action or progress”…perhaps it is the limitation the liberates??

    I’m really pleased that you brought the coat hangers and the rack – as soon as I saw them and the rack, I knew ‘The Coat’ had found a friendly place to live for a while.

    I really like the black and white image of the skins hanging on racks…the repetition, the relationship to cloth, for me it evokes the constantly repeated action of hanging up washing…

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