About Penny Jones

Visual Artist and Co Founder of Capel y Graig Art Space

Mynediad ac Allanfa

I felt very self conscious at first and tentatively cut the red strips to make cow and dog entrances only, as that was all that felt needed in the space, the cow exits as hide, the dog as dog, the dog who works in the Tannery cleaning the hides and his or her faeces are  used to soften the hide.

Fez Tannery

Doorways, washing lines, animals  – red doorways, what does this mean?

I did work before on washing and hanging it out: http://www.pennyjones.me.uk/washing.html

http://www.pennyjones.me.uk/videos.html  (the wash 2008)

video still

Coloured washing lines echo the leather hanging in the tanneries, Dave’s “washing” on the clothes hangers, Roger’s coloured tape, Mike’s yellow and Jake’s record covers.

Coloured leather as paper, the random odd shapes of the cut shapes that make leather articles and the left over pieces. Mari’s bag pattern.

Clothes pegs are important as I contemporise parts of the Tannery (a men’s workplace) process to produce a colourful washing line (traditionally a woman’s domain) to brighten up the grey space.

I like the way the “washing” has moved in time and settled.

Skin of my teeth was a windscreen wiper in my dream last night.

Now its pouring with rain.

Entrance and Exit

To begin with I was interested in all our journeys to Machynlleth, having been the 15th century capital of Wales, hosting y Gŵyl Haf  Merched y Wawr, George Monbiot and the Centre for Alternative Technology; a fairly central location in Wales, on the railway. Yet not an easy place to get to, a holiday location with a good distance to travel and much time spent to get there from most of Wales.

Rural life. Exemplified by the tannery, a central place for the skins to be brought.

And we will all be coming there.

When I saw the tannery I was struck by its cold greyness.

As a vegetarian it’s impossible to ignore the thoughts of the meat eaten to produce the hides.