THEY ALL KICKED THE BUCKET (and then I fixed it…).

We arrived at the Tannery, having missed the first group session – it was the first time I had seen what the others had done.

So, in the line beauty (the words on Rogers green and white tape) I decided that I would firstly find (seek) then individually wrap (hide) the fragments of Mari’s Bucket (which the group kicked until it broke) then re-build the the bucket so that it may live to be kicked another day.

We placed the bucket with the reminants of Sams cuttings, Jakes record player and a packet of resolve. It then became a part of Daves evolving installation – fulfilling its renewed purpose of vessel to Daves wrapped hangers and held by the creepy man in the doorway.

Dave wrapped (hid) an object for me (I have to guess what it is!) and everyone played a game of hide and seek (they also hid mike).


It’s a buckets life!


I’m intrigued by the re-use of buildings and the reminants left behind from their original purpose, like the cow hair mixed into the walls. The hidden evidence being the backdrop to its new purpose. I want to explore this and maybe the idea of hiding evidence of its new purpose, small artworks in and around the building…