…. GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY (incidents with Walt’s video)

A number of edited incidents from existing images that may influence my contribution to our joint curating of the show on Sunday 4th March.

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As well as recording and highlighting some of the objects/incidents and how they come together there is a strong abstract element that relates to composition. placement and colour  …….. if not the circle within the rectangle ……………

Given the fact that we used the words ‘clutter ‘ – ‘chaos’ – ‘debris’ and such like to describe the appearance of what is in the gallery at the moment I am extremely interested in the method we employ to construct the show …..  and how we ‘compensate’ for outsiders who did not actually experience the unfolding of our ‘exquisite corpse’

As we do clear the gallery I would like to see Penny’s red exits and entrances left to last ….. I like the way they engage directly with the ‘architecture’ of the space and how, when they appear within the structure of many of our photographs, they operate as significant spatial indicators. ( I am eternally a constructivist )

I will probably change some of these images – add or remove some – as I ponder over my contribution to the curatorial process.

I see what we are about to do on Sunday as a reductive editing process ………..  and as we try things out we should continue to document the process …………

David Shepherd 1/3/2012

5 thoughts on “…. GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY (incidents with Walt’s video)

  1. The common thread between us all is our relationship and need/want to explore shape and colour. The subjects and themes are something that has happened at a later stage, I particularly like your highlight of the circle and the square.

  2. I’ve been watching your slide show this morning, letting the images work on me…photographs function to frame and organise by their nature, that’s the task at this point – to formally frame a process and a collection of materials coherently. It is just a snap shot though…a freeze frame, the process is not stopping or concluding – maybe that is why it is very hard for us to agree on the nature of that formal device. Composition/structure is one device that will definitely bring order to the ‘chaos’. It is interesting that this is how we have come to describe the stuff in the space – chaotic…I really hadn’t expected that at all when we started this process. I think I expected us to bring our carefully considered things into the space and then go through a process of ‘curating’ those things…like the ‘Pile’ show in Cardiff…that became less tenable for me before I even got through the initial thinking part of the process, before we even got to the galley. I think it is because we are all assigned both as curators AND artists – that’s the difficulty. I realised that I wanted to introduce something to the space that had potential in and of it’s self rather than in it’s ability to be ‘curated’. I think maybe all or most of us have done that actually. It kind of tuned our thoughts to potential rather than conclusion – it’s a subtle shift, but exponentially seems to create quite a lot of chaos!

    On Wednesday we talked about ‘archiving’ as well – more of a museum approach – artifact as significant marker – documentation of activity…that seems like a very logical way to deal with the many different kinds of practice and approach we all have…

    • Kath ……..
      The ‘archiving’ strategy seems a popular one amongst us all … it could be a good start to the day!

      I like the statement ……. ” we are all assigned both as curators AND artists – that’s the difficulty” …….. yet for me we are all also spectators/viewers/audience entangled in a multi-layered decathlon.

      Different people will respond differently to different aspects of what we are about to do ……… I think what we do must be genuine and enjoyable …….. I personally do not mind at all if non of my objects appear in the ‘final show’ !!

      Let’s all keep talking like this .. over today and tomorrow – it might shed some light on how we could bring things together on Sunday !

      • Another thought …….

        the interesting aspect of the ‘game’ of Exquisite Corpse is that no one who takes part sees the result until the final UNFOLDING …… so it comes as a surprise to all the participants ….. who can recognise their own bit and can act as pleased or displeased by the result …………. but what will the outsider think ……. ? ……. AND CAN YOU CURATE THIS AT ALL !!!

  3. As I’ve been thinking about what we might do in the space I’ve been drawn to the clothes rack that Dave introduced. I like it as a framing device. I like the fact that it’s mobile. I like the way we can hang things off it. It’s a bit of a skeleton. When we were making the beast Dave’s coat-hangers became ribs. Could we play a game of consequences with this?

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