still in the fake tannin’ salon

Arrived in Machynlleth ready to interrupt, intervene, and engage …but had no real idea of what to expect or do apart from my initial ideas of the fake tannin’ salon.

In the Tannery there was the aftermath of activity a collection of objects piled and connected physically and conceptually.  All braced with a freedom to re-arrange and re-interpret.

I certainly had a relaxed approach to making:

– I cut up pictures of men from the booklet of an old classic record.  Screwing up ones that did not look as if they’d work in a Tannery and placed these on the floor.

– Placed round objects (cloth, tape, trays) in piles.

– Placed a piece of slate on a piece of paper with the note “foundation stone slate”.

– Made a commerative plaque from card celebrating our day there.

What next?Image



Connective Tissue

3316 photos following the movement of vinyl record sleeves from my cellar in Cardigan to the Old Tannery in Machynlleth. The 33rpm record was filmed in the Tannery during the group visit on the 13th playing at 78rpm and later digitally slowed to roughly the correct speed.

It was very interesting how much the music and sound of Frank’s voice seemed to mark a change in behaviour in the Tannery.

For me it marked the moment of my decision to stop observing and photographing others and become involved with my own activity.  This soon became an attempt to connect what I wanted to do with the other things going on around me, to relate and engage it with the other artists and objects in the space.

This was filmed while wandering back and forth under the rack of hangers that Dave had brought in.  The reflections of that, along with Kathryn at work, and with the yellow glow of Mike’s ‘Ribbon’ and the space itself forming a relationship through the vinyl.

I went back on Saturday 18th to listen to the space and left for Capel Y Graig with a few borrowed objects and in another skin…
Vodpod videos no longer available.