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  1. So far we have created a number of ‘sketches’, when we all meet up together again (the artists from the Welsh Capital Cardiff and the artists from rural West Wales) in the former Capital of Wales, Machynlleth. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to develop those sketches into a realised Concept.

  2. Personally, I am finding this project very challenging. As a process of research it’s great – It’s really putting me through the wringer! I am enjoying allowing myself to get swept along by it and ‘playing’ but I am also struggling hugely with lots of aspects of it. The bit of me that wants to control the aesthetic outcomes is having a mini break down! The fact that we have decided to open it to the public is hugely colouring my thoughts – it’s making me think that we have to create a finished, presentable ‘thing’ and I’m not sure if that’s possible at this point. It makes me feel quite vulnerable – not sure I want to hang out my washing in public. Not sure it’s of interest even…

    Ten people – ten different ways of working and communicating – very little time to meet physically…next Sunday will be the critical point – a fantastic opportunity as Mike says. The day will disappear in an instant – so I wonder if we should be having a more intense dialogue leading up to it…a few cards on the table…

  3. I think we should present a empty space with some kind of evidence of what we did in the space collectively played on some sort of device – i.e. a laptop or just a web address. For me the art lies in the collective experimentation and the problems a 10 artist collaboration causes.

    Maybe the web address/es could be written creatively in the stuff we all brought to the gallery…..just a thought

  4. I agree, it’s wonderfully terrifying: it’s so wonderful to play; it’s so terrifying to risk failure [but what a relief] and I don’t see us failing.
    I felt on Friday that I had reached a level of trust with Dave, Kathryn and Mike that I didn’t need to worry about an individual outcome but could trust ourselves as a group to achieve something interesting and worthwhile for anyone who comes on the closing weekend. We are presenting a research project in collaborative work and on using electronic media to coordinate an exhibition at a distant location. I think we made a joint piece of work that held some intriguing clues as to what could emerge as a joint work for the whole group. I also think that the research we’re doing will resolve in the individual projects that we pursue as a result of this joint research. It’s lead me into creating innovative methods to resolve and move work on. I hope that this will help me get back some more looseness in my drawing.
    Finally I agree with Mike: it would be good to have video/videos of the process we engage in on Sunday 4th and of the blog etc available on Friday 9th, although I would like us to make a group action as our walk and talk on Saturday.

  5. I find the whole thing exciting and terrifying at the same time. The end result is worrying me but I am enjoying the journey the process has sent me on, so therefore less worried if you see what I mean………

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