All this talk of tanneries and skins has made me think about multiple personalities; other skins. My title comes from psychiatrist, R.D. Laing’s book on schizophrenia ‘The Divided Self’. It is a schematic he uses to describe the ‘false self’ system constructed by someone suffering from a schizophrenic disorder…

Here          There

Inside        Outside

Me              Not-me

I am interested in the boundaries of the perception of self – where does one person end and another begin. Our Tannery experiment obscures the boundaries between one artist and another, allows us to trespass into each others territory, alter and adjust our own and our co-curator/artists sense of their artwork.

I was also interested in Mike’s earlier discussion about Marx’s commodity fetishism. ‘The fetish’ whether seen as a Marxist, Freudian or anthropologicalterm, is an object for projection – it is imbued with our neuroses, desires and fears and in some ways could be described in a similar way to Laing’s schematic.

I want to introduce an object into the gallery which might be able to operate as a kind of ‘false self’ and as a fetish object. Ultimately, I hope that through its independent life during the process and development of our show it might collect and absorb its own particular energy and identity…

Kathryn Campbell Dodd




7 thoughts on “Here-there-inside-outside-me-not-me

  1. Just to identify a very interesting moment for me on the first day at the Tannery – I was intrigued by the way Jake, you and myself came to bunch up under the coat hangers amongst the clothes each occupied with our own directive. A sensation of being in a closed “wardrobe’ type space! Let’s explore this for a short time when we next meet up at the Tannery and get it documented ! I wish I could post a photo in this space ….. but I don’t think it is possible ?

  2. That sounds intriguing Dave – there was a point in the afternoon when everyone became really focused on their own activity. I was hardly aware of the people around me lost in a little world…the music had something to do with it too – Jake’s ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ was quite hypnotic. Definitely like to look at that further on our next meeting…

  3. So I bought my jacket that so closely resembles the one you bought about two weeks ago. It kind of has my shape because I’ve been wearing it. When I take it off it hangs there, a question; where’s he gone? Still this second skin is not so familiar that I automatically recognise it. Staying at our friends’ house I accidentally picked up Arwyn’s leather jacket. It was only when I put my hand in the pocket that I recognised that it wasn’t my coat. I think I’d like to put something in the pocket of the jacket of my to help confuse it’s identity. Perhaps I’ll wear it and leave something in the pocket. I’ll wear to the Skinner’s Arms and have a skinful. A sinful, skinful.

  4. It seems unnerving that we bought such similar jackets at about the same time – Tannery hive mind…yours has definitely begun to adapt to you. I liked them both hanging about on Dave’s rack – bristling a little like they were wearing the same dress to a party – but a bit curious and clannish too.

  5. Jake took The Coat out for a visit to Capel-Y-Graig last weekend…it lost a couple of buttons…here’s what Avi Allen has to say about them:

    ‘the coat’ shed two buttons whilst here at the capel worn by Jacob Whittaker-they are sitting here on the table next to a nearly empty bottle of red wine and an ‘Art in Theory’ text book- looking at them makes me think of Friedrich’s sublime, holding them makes me think of the abject.

    I like the way it’s fragmentary personality is developing…

    • I will be accompanying the ‘shed buttons’ on a mini ‘Grand Tour’ of Cwm Einion, often referred to as ‘Artist Valley’, here at Ffwrnais, where we will ‘gaze’ over the Dyfi Estuary landscape below. I will keep you up to date with their journey.

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