Cicio’r Bwced/Kicking the Bucket

The group’s visit to the tannery at St Fagan brought home the relationship between slaughterhouse and tannery : death and curing . One takes the process of making something – in this case leather – so much for granted. Possibly in the same way as the process of creating and curating a show.

Edrych ymlaen i drafod ymhellach yr holl brosesau

5 thoughts on “Cicio’r Bwced/Kicking the Bucket

    • my ‘bucket’ concept became a physical catalyst for group interaction at Machynlleth on feb 13th as the green plastic bucket was kicked around and upwards in an impromptu session of ‘penalty kicking’ as the RHOD artists attempted to kick it through the gap in the wall.
      I understand that Penny has since kindly bought another bucket and she now is also working with the original leather bucket bag………..

      • your leather bucket is safe with me and it is provoking memories of my mother’s handbags.

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