Kill switch

Rhodio at the Tannery. Husk of a building that was once a Tannery, soon to be converted into an art gallery.

Our project with the building is at a time where it is neither a tannery nor a gallery. A series of projects have and will be carried out during this period. I’m not all that aware of what went on in the others and I’m not sure what is planned for the next.

I have a vague idea of what went on in the space when it was a tannery, at least in terms of the processes carried out. There are no doubt a lot of buildings that used to be tanneries.

There were no doubt a lot of interesting people who worked here and equally interesting relationships between those people. I’m also sure that the building has played numerous significant roles in the town.

I am not going to deal with the context of this building for this project

Jason Pinder

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About Jason Pinder

Jason Pinder's sculptural interventions and process-driven installations are concerned, primarily, with the physical act of doing and of making. Visually blunt and straightforward, Pinder works are clothed in an appearance of ‘it-is-what-it-is-ness’. Often requiring substantial amounts of base physical exertion, from sanding to stacking, the poetry in these pieces arises from the essential pointlessness of the labour that goes into them. Since graduating in Fine Art from Cardiff School of Art & Design in 2008, Pinder has exhibited across England and Wales. He is a founding member of the British Racing Green collective, a UK-wide organization comprising artists, writers, photgraphers and designers, dedicated to facilitating collaborative projects and events.

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